Travel Sentry Approved

Client: TSA
Creative agency: Umwelt
Production: Uitch Iscratch
Animation studio: Animatrix

Protect your luggage by using TSA lock! It helps air port security officers to open your luggage for inspection without braking your lock. We have created this cozy animated commercial in collaboration with creative agency Umwelt and director Jesper Skoubølling (Uitch Iscratch). I was responsible for art direction, animation, and color grading with small bit of compositing involved.




Producer: Kate Kagawa
Director: Gaute Hesthagen
Animation producer / Production manager: Dovydas Vilkelis
Art director / Animation supervisor / Lead animator: Tomas Juchnevic
Environments & characters design: Goodname Studio, Giedrius Kriaučiūnas
Characters modelling / texturing: Kotryna Meškauskaitė, Anton Rutkovskij
Character rigging: Tomas Juchnevic, Marius Michailovskis, Kotryna Meškauskaitė
Environments modelling / texturing: Kotryna Meškauskaitė, Šarūnas Atkočaitis
Animation: Algis Taujanskas, Rita Ankskaitė
Shading / lighting: Marius Michailovskis