DSB Hovedløselille // Gamers

Client: DSB
Agency: Very Agency
Production Company: Uitch Iscratch
Animation Studio: Animatrix

Gamers is a second film which we have produced for a social campaign Hovedløselille (Headless) in a collaboration with a production company Uitch Iscratch and director Gaute Hesthagen. This campaign highlights common safety problems which railway company DSB often encounters. Animatrix covered the entire animation production process, from first storyboard sketches to the final result. Do not lose your heads and enjoy our work!



Animation - sequence 2, shot 4-5


Animation - sequence 2, shot 6


Animation - sequence 2, shot 7 - 8


Producer: Kate Kagawa
Director: Gaute Hesthagen
Animation producer / Production manager: Dovydas Vilkelis
Art director / Animation supervisor / Lead animator: Tomas Juchnevic
Environments & characters design: Goodname Studio
Characters modelling / texturing: Kotryna Meškauskaitė, Anton Rutkovskij
Environments modelling / texturing: Šarūnas Atkočaitis, Kotryna Meškauskaitė
Rigging: Tomas Juchnevic, Marius Michailovskis
Animation: Tomas Juchnevic, Sarah Arduini
Shading / lighting: Marius Michailovskis