Omnitel | TVC - coming soon
ROLE: Animation in collaboration with OKTA
Mitto | TVC
ROLE: Story, directing, animation, modeling, rigging, character design, rendering, compositing.
Botty Call | Short Film
ROLE: Collaborated in animation
Steve | 3d character
ROLE: Modeling, rigging, texturing, rendering.
Tele2 Child's Heart | TVC
ROLE: Directing, animation, modeling, character design, animatic, compositing and color correction.
Alpina | TVC
ROLE: Directing, liquid simulation, lightning and shading.
Christy | flash animation
ROLE: Character design, flash animation.
Pas Antana | www
ROLE: Web design, character design, illustration, flash animation.
Omnitel Extra | TVC
ROLE: Directing, animation, modeling, character design.
Rimi | TVC
ROLE: Motion graphics.